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Southpanther 3 days ago

$10 Burger & Beer

If you're eating in Plymouth speedwell is by far a place to check out. Not only is the food delicious, the craft beer selection is on point and the deals all week are even better!

Sean 5 days ago


Love this sauce and the wings are always fantastic. Cannot go wrong with this or any of the sauce specials.

Hawk Wing 8 days ago

Crunchy Chicken Wrap

It was my first time in SpeedWell!! I met a girl here. She was sweet and warm on the inside with a spicy attitude. We hit it off from the start but she made me tear up in the end. We had to break up. That love was SpeedWells Crunchy Chicken Wrap with "Ex Girlfriend" Hot Sauce. And Just like my Ex I'm sure I'll be back for more.

Michael 22 days ago

$10 Burger & Beer

Umm. $10 for a delicious Burger & World Class Draft Beer choices. Yes please. Food & Beer were delicious. Love you Speedwell Tavern

Will Odoherty 24 days ago

Jamaican Jerk

JAMACIAN ME CRAZY with these wings! Outstanding flavor with an amazing spice. Can not go wrong with these wings. Life is short, run to speedwell and try these tasty treats! Keep up the good work

Will Odoherty 24 days ago

Black and Bleu

Absolutely delicious, always has consistent food and always High quality! So happy to have speedwell and their delicious food in Plymouth

Michelle 29 days ago


I used to live in Buffalo, where the wings are second to none. But when I moved to the Cape, there was not a chicken wing that could come close to the wings I had back home...until I went to the Speedwell Tavern! The Ex-girlfriend and Gold Digger wings were amazing--spicy, sweet, and cooked perfectly. These are a little taste of home, without all of the snow. :-)

William.Triebel 30 days ago

"Gold Digger" Carolina BBQ

I highly recommend going on Wednesdays, they have a $10 tenders and any draft beer deal!

Ajpontbriand 30 days ago

Jumbo Shrimp Mozambique

The shrimp Mozambique is a phenomenal Portuguese staple done so well here it rivals even home-cooked. The spice is just right, the shrimp definitely are JUMBO and the portion is pretty big so it's hard to have room for wings to start off unless you plan on taking some home. First world problems I guess

Al about 2 months ago

Crunchy Chicken Wrap

I religiously get the crunchy chicken wrap: mild buffalo & bluecheese with french fries every single time I go to Speedies! (~once a week) I'm obsessed. The chicken is perfection and the sandwich is perfectly wrapped with all the best mix-ins. If I'm not feeling french fries I'll get some chips with the dill pickle seasoning. Forever craving one of these wraps!

Christopher about 2 months ago

$10 Burger & Beer

Best deal around! Not only do you get a great burger but also your choice of any draft! How can you go wrong!

Francamarzilli1961 about 2 months ago


I have always loved chicken wings and have eaten them all around the country - but the Speedwell's wings are not only the best in Plymouth, but rival some of Tennessee's best wings. Thank you speedwell for giving us such great wings

Guest about 2 months ago

"Gold Digger" Carolina BBQ

Great flavor!

Josephabradford about 2 months ago

"Gold Digger" Carolina BBQ

Great boneless tenders. Did I say great? I meant world class! Gold Digger is our go-to sauce. Add one of your huge salads, some crispy fries or onion rings, and a selection or two from the ever-changing and interesting draft beer list. Awesome! Our servers, such as The Incredible Ashley and The Loquacious Amber are so much fun too. This place is the real deal, as in real food at a really good price!

Jamespgallagher about 2 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls

I never try them but I'm willing to have them to eat

Chloe.Daeun.An 2 months ago


I thought I knew wings until I tried Speedwell Tavern's wings. There was a reason why my friends were hyping it up so much! The buffacue is the best sauce ever, a perfect balance sweet, tangy and spicy. I can't go without ordering my bone-in buffacue. They're also so generous with the side dip of ranch or bleu cheese and the service is always great as well.

Lauren 2 months ago

Half Pound of Boneless Tenders and a Beer for $10

The Buffalo Tenders are sooooo good!! 😋My favorite and available on Wednesday's for a half lb with any beer for $10!!! You can't beat that! That and the burger beer special on Thursdays for $10 too!

Imjustakid829 3 months ago

Half Priced Bone In Wings

Wings were nice and crispy. A lot of flavor and meat on the bone. Will definitely be back.

Christopher 3 days ago

Half Pound of Boneless Tenders and a Beer for $10

As usual the food, beer, and service are great! Never a bad meal or beer here, definitely recommend trying and you will be hooked!!!

Dawn 8 days ago

Speedwell Soup of the Day

The Speedwell's Portuguese Kale Soup is probably the best I have ever tasted! I grew up in a Portuguese family, and my family makes this special soup, but none I've ever had has the flavor like the Speedwells! My family loves coming here for so much more than just their soup!

Moss8118 20 days ago


The Ex-Girlfriend is a perfect mix of sweetness, tangy flavor, and spice. Not too hot, but has a lot of complexity.

Koricorreia 23 days ago

"Vavo's Hangover Cure"

No portuguese food in plymouth which is suprising but this place is unbelievable everything is delicious!

Glanoue 24 days ago


Everyone, stop what you're doing—immediately. Drop your kids, leave your job, run away from family members and go directly to Speedwell for these wings. The tangy, spicy, sweet taste is unlike anything I (or you) have ever had before. The moment these this golden liquid hits your mouth you'll be hooked. I refuse to eat wings anywhere else. Take it from me—I've been an Ex-Girlfriend many, many times. These are the greatest.

Kyle.Levesque 28 days ago

Buffy the Chicken Slayer

I love things spicy admittedly but I wouldn't say this was overly hot and would be enjoyable even to those who just like a little kick. Chicken was good and went real well with the onion rings!

E.Cumbo 30 days ago

Rajin Cajun

As a forty-something, I can't believe I'm writing this, but: Best. Boneless. Wings. Ever. My favorite style so far is the Rajin' Cajun, but they have countless other options and in-season specialties. Pair that with a beer list that's unmatched and you have a great, casual, night out, especially when there is live music or a game on one of its multiple TV screens.

Emily 30 days ago

Black and Bleu

The black & bleu burger is my favorite burger anywhere. So good!

Vdthree about 1 month ago

"Gold Digger" Carolina BBQ

Gold digger is my favorite go to here for sauces , with My Ex-girlfriend right behind it. Hands down best wing and burgers in town. Great craft beer selection with 24 rotating taps of local and around country beers. Draft list is updated on Untappd app. They do a great job from the front staff to the kitchen here. My go to place at least once a week or more. Look out for the half price wings day and the $10 burger and beer combo days. You cannot go wrong. Oh by the way don't forget the great local music acts.

Coconut1077 about 2 months ago

Speedwell Chopped Salad

Hands down the best chopped salad! Not sure if it was because everything was so fresh, "chopped" perfectly, the bleu cheese or just the combination of it all put together, but this salad is the best I've had on the south shore!!

Tb1799 about 2 months ago

Jumbo Buffalo Shrimp Basket

My boyfriend and I saw Speedwell Tavern a couple weeks ago on phantom gourmet, so today we decided it was a great idea to go have my Birthday lunch there! We were so pleased with the atmosphere, service, and food! We ordered the buffalo shrimp that was bursting with flavor and the portion was a good size. It came with homemade coleslaw that was by far the best i ever had! We also got the fish tacos another great choice! A Margarita to wash it all down that was made to perfection! Very pleased with our experience at the Speedwell Tavern!

Tfletcher about 2 months ago


loved the wings. We will definitely be back again and again. Good drinks and atmosphere. Thank you Speedwell Tavern. Terri & Dan

Ksampson73 about 2 months ago

Home Fried Potato Chips

The Home Fried Potato Chips with Dill Pickle seasoning are AMAZING! I could eat them every day and not get tired if them. Beat chips ever!

Lexif441 about 2 months ago


The best sauce ever! I eat this problem about three times a week at work with my nursing staff.i absolutely recommend this sauce and all other. This is just my favorite. Stop in a speedwell for great service and wings.

Girlyast23 2 months ago

"Vavo's Hangover Cure"

As a girl from an Azorean background, I know my Portuguese food. My Vavo has unfortunately not made Mozambique in years. This dish is on point. I could drink the sauce for crying out loud. The best flavors of garlic, wine/beer (not sure what they use but it's so good), and pepper. The chicken and shrimp being served over a bed of homemade chips is perfect. The chips absorbs the sauce and it is killer. I have found myself ordering it almost weekly. The BEST!

Mspeedymarie 2 months ago

"Killa Bee" (Honey Cayenne)

Awesome wings - I love this place! The food, the beer and the music are all fantastik. You have to try it.

Rmorrissey341897 2 months ago

"You're Fired"

You have THE best boneless wings in the area. I will keep coming back for them.