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Samantha 6 days ago

Fried Pickles

The fried pickles at Speedwell are AMAZING! My husband claims he doesn't like pickles, although when we order this with a group (they come with a lot!) he always seems to partake in the pickles AND the discussion about how amazing they are!

Pete 16 days ago

"Killa Bee" (Honey Cayenne)

Killa Bee is a must try.

Pete 19 days ago


Hellfire is hot AND delicious!

Midgecward about 1 month ago

Crunchy Chicken Wrap

The crunchy chicken wrap is the most amazing wrap I have ever had in my entire life! I ask for the chicken to be tossed in my favorite garlic Parmesan sauce which makes the wrap 10000 times better!

Corissa8 about 1 month ago

"Gold Digger" Carolina BBQ

so good

Njames444 about 2 months ago

"Gold Digger" Carolina BBQ

Hands down, the BEST wings in the world.

Megan about 2 months ago

Herb & Ranch

Best dry rub I have ever had

Kpmaccaferri about 2 months ago

Parmesan & Herb


Bwarnock7 about 2 months ago

Dr. Juan's Fish Tacos

Best fish tacos around. Absolutely can not get enough of them. Have them almost every week.

Paul 3 months ago


Perfect blend of spicy and sweet. Best wings I've had in a while!

Zrlucero53 3 months ago

Jamaican Jerk

Hands down best jerk chicken around! I get it every time!

Terri 3 months ago

"You're Fired"

We tried three different wings and the egg roll and we were NOT disappointed. We loved the garlic & parm wings, buffalo and drinks were always delish. DEF will be back to mow this weekend. NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!!! BEST WINGS EVERRR!

Dreszenski 4 months ago

Home Fried Potato Chips

The dill pickle potato chips are so good. Super crunchy, plenty of seasoning and perfect dipped in ranch.

Mullyboy617 4 months ago

"Gold Digger" Carolina BBQ

Best food ever. I eat here every weekend. Wait/Bar staff are awesome. I'll be back for many more weekends to come!

Nick0626 4 months ago


Speedwell is a cozy bar, with good beer, good music, good people and amazing wings. The Ex-Girlfriend wings are without a doubt the best wings I've ever had in my entire life. They're huge, the sauce is incredible, and they've simply ruined all other chicken wings for me. Shoutout also to Gold Digger and Buffaque wings.

Christopher 4 months ago

Half Pound of Boneless Tenders and a Beer for $10

As usual the food, beer, and service are great! Never a bad meal or beer here, definitely recommend trying and you will be hooked!!!

Dawn 4 months ago

Speedwell Soup of the Day

The Speedwell's Portuguese Kale Soup is probably the best I have ever tasted! I grew up in a Portuguese family, and my family makes this special soup, but none I've ever had has the flavor like the Speedwells! My family loves coming here for so much more than just their soup!

Moss8118 5 months ago


The Ex-Girlfriend is a perfect mix of sweetness, tangy flavor, and spice. Not too hot, but has a lot of complexity.

Koricorreia 5 months ago

"Vavo's Hangover Cure"

No portuguese food in plymouth which is suprising but this place is unbelievable everything is delicious!

Laupelzer 16 days ago

Crunchy Chicken Wrap

My boyfriend and I always go for a classic crunchy chicken wrap- no matter what sauce/rub you pick, it's guaranteed to be BOMB. We're tried all the combinations. The warm grilled wrap, amazing boneless wings and fresh veggies like that can't be found in a wrap any place else. The spinach artichoke dip, homemade chips and fries are awesome too! We moved to Middleboro and STILL always come back all the time- well worth the drive. Thanks for kicking butt!

Mary 19 days ago

Jumbo Buffalo Shrimp Basket

my favorite meal to get in plymouth. succulent jumbo shrimp in a batter that stays crispy beneath the buffalo sauce, and bleu cheese dressing that is absolutely delicious. the fries are great too.

Davemaurobmx29 23 days ago


These things are big. And by big I mean REALLY BIG. Like Blue Building All Things Plymouth kinda big. If you haven't tried these things yet I suggest you do so. It's a BIG deal

Tderedon about 1 month ago

Tavern Tips and Tenders

This was absolutely delicious! I did the Cajun dry rub and would definitely recommend to someone visiting. Staff was very timely and friendly!

Tory about 1 month ago

Half Priced Bone In Wings

The most delicious wings I've ever had the pleasure of consuming... last week I got a small of the Rajin Cajun, and I'm definitely starving myself until I arrive later this evening so I can annihilate two orders of smalls. My goal is to try every flavor.

Guest about 2 months ago


These are so good! They got some heat but bearable with a great flavor from the gold digger!

Megan about 2 months ago


These are probably the best tenders I have ever had

Terri about 2 months ago

Garlic Parmesan

We have in the course of the past 6 months tried several different wings. Sometime ordering the SAME as we don't want to miss out though wanting to try MORE. AMAZING wings, burgers, homemade chips, loaded chips, etc. Great drinks as well to wash down everything. SPOT on Speedwell and if I lived closer, we would be there EVERY night. NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!!!

Eric 3 months ago

Spinny Arty Dip

The best one I've ever had. Had to order extra basket of chips.

Chris313 3 months ago

Dill Pickle

We had the dill pickle rubbed chicken wings. Speedwells makes the best chicken wings around. They are always perfectly cooked and crispy. Nothing worse than a soggy skin chicken wing. All of their flavors are great but we like the dill pickle and Parmesan ones the best. Sandwiches and burgers are also great but we always tend to go for the wings because they are soooo good!

Tyler 3 months ago

"Gold Digger" Carolina BBQ

Great service!!! Very Clean establishment and friendly staff

Italia6078 3 months ago


Every time I go to Speedwell I tell myself I'm going to try something new (to me).... Then I sit down, and order a pound of Buffaque boneless wings......... Every..... Time. It is my favorite wing sauce of the hundreds I've tried all over New England. Those coupled with Parmesean Herb dry rub fries and FUGHETABOUTIT.

Kim 4 months ago


This sauce is amazing!!! No place better to celebrate national wing day than at speedwell ❤

Debbiepion 4 months ago

"Gold Digger" Carolina BBQ

Get in your car, do not pass go, do not collect $200 just go straight to Speedwell. Soooo hard to decide on the BEST thing on this awesome menu. Gold Digger tenders for the WIN!

Southpanther 4 months ago

$10 Burger & Beer

If you're eating in Plymouth speedwell is by far a place to check out. Not only is the food delicious, the craft beer selection is on point and the deals all week are even better!

Sean 4 months ago


Love this sauce and the wings are always fantastic. Cannot go wrong with this or any of the sauce specials.

Hawk Wing 4 months ago

Crunchy Chicken Wrap

It was my first time in SpeedWell!! I met a girl here. She was sweet and warm on the inside with a spicy attitude. We hit it off from the start but she made me tear up in the end. We had to break up. That love was SpeedWells Crunchy Chicken Wrap with "Ex Girlfriend" Hot Sauce. And Just like my Ex I'm sure I'll be back for more.

Michael 5 months ago

$10 Burger & Beer

Umm. $10 for a delicious Burger & World Class Draft Beer choices. Yes please. Food & Beer were delicious. Love you Speedwell Tavern

Will 5 months ago

Jamaican Jerk

JAMACIAN ME CRAZY with these wings! Outstanding flavor with an amazing spice. Can not go wrong with these wings. Life is short, run to speedwell and try these tasty treats! Keep up the good work


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